Korean Style Hairline Embroidery (Package)

Korean Style Hairline Embroidery  (Package)

Korean Style Hairline Embroidery (Package)

Concealing thinned hairline areas, give the illusion of a rounded hairline, smaller forehead, and smaller face!

Include 2 retouch procedure(s) within 12 months



We use US natural pigment which near to real hair color to make strokes, imitate real hair lines and directions. Can effectively solve frontal balding and wide forehead problems.


Applicable to
  • Frontal balding
  • Bald head
  • Wide forehead


  1. Consultate with client and design the hairline procedure area
  2. Apply cleanser on procedure area for sterilization and anti-inflammatory
  3. Make strokes according to real hair lines and directions
  4. Apply soothing cream to reduce painful
  5. Apply wound shrinking fluid to help stop bleeding and prevent color lost
  6. Finally apply coloring solution to help fix color
Procedure duration and Price

Procedure duration and price depends on procedure area size, longer procedure time and more pigment will be need if procedure area is large and extra charge will be charged.


Lasting time

Korean Style Hairline Embroidery result last for 2~3 years. The package included 2 retouches, can be used within 1 year, no extra charges.

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