Korean Style Lip (Package)

Korean Style Lip  (Package)

Korean Style Lip (Package)

Correct undefined natural lip color or dark lips, also uneven lip color by natural pigment.

Include 1 retouch procedure(s) within 6 months


Applicable to
  • Unbalance lips shape
  • Cleft lip 
  • Thin lips
  • Lips color become lightened due to Anemia or Cardiovascular disease


  1. Consultate with client and recommand suitable lip pigment according to skin color
  2. Apply cleanser on procedure area for sterilization and anti-inflammatory
  3. Apply soothing cream to reduce painful
  4. Apply pigment on lips by disposable tools
  5. Apply wound shrinking fluid to help stop bleeding and prevent color lost
  6. Finally apply coloring solution to help fix color


Procedure duration and Lasting time

Felle Beau uses special korean semi-permanent skills, procedure time can be reduced to 10 minutes for actual procedures and results last for 1 to 3 years.


Lip Tattoo VS Korean Semi Permanent Lip


Korean Semi-Permanent tattoo


Forever/No correction can be made

1~3 years/Correction can be made


Matte color, unnatural lip border

Light and natual and help smooth lips

Recovery period

Swelling of the lip can last for 5~7 days

Immediate results after procedure like lip gloss effect, no awkward


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