Self Growth Eyelash Stimulation Treatment

Self Growth Eyelash Stimulation Treatment

Self Growth Eyelash Stimulation Treatment

Activating and stimulating the hair follicles to fasten the growth of lashes.



Eyelash extensions VS Eyelash Stimulation Treatment

Eyelash extensions

Eyelash Stimulation Treatment

Suitable for

People prefer immediate and short-term results

People prefer natural and long-term results

Eyelash condition

With healthy eyelash hair follicles

No limits


Eyelashes applied on natural lashes one by one with an adhesive

Activate eyelash hair follicles by nano tecniques and inject essence to stimulate lashes growth

Side effects

Short-term results, may cause fall off of eyelashes, easily lead to eye allergy, infection and keratitis etc.

No side effects


Is it hurt?

Only nanopores will be made at skin surface to let essence goes into underskin, it will not be hurt.


How long does it take for the whole procedure?


It only takes around 10 minutes for every treatment.


How offen should I receive the treatment ?

To acheive the best result, you are suggested to finish 8 treatments for a cycle, once a week.


How much do eyelashes grow?

After 60 days treatments, in most case upper lashes will grow till 8~12mm and under lashes will grow till 6~8mm. It can be 3~6mm more longer in 90 days. It also help to enhance the thickness, strength and glossiness of the lashes.


When can I see the result?

It takes 8 days to activate the eyelash hair follicles, 20 days for new lashes to grow up. Eyelashes become more thick and black in 35 days and the best results at 90 day.

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